Wedding Cakes

Consultations:  We invite you to schedule a wedding cake consultation by calling us at 203-484-0330. Wedding cake consultations are typically booked between 2 to 4 months before your wedding day.  Appointments typically take 30 minutes.

Unless requested by Pastry Fusions, multiple consultations will not be necessary. Additional appointments can be scheduled at the rate of $35 per half hour. Instead of booking multiple appointments, please feel free to call us at any time to discuss your cake. It is preferred that you call us with any questions or changes to your wedding cake instead of emailing us. We want to provide you with the best possible service, and it is best to discussion specific details of your wedding cake on the phone.

Cakes included in Wedding Facility Packages: You may choose any cake flavor and filling that we provide. This will be included in all wedding packages. Upgrades and custom cakes that are not part of the package will result in an additional charge paid to Pastry Fusions.

Upgrades: You may choose to include an upgrade on your packaged cake for an additional charge. Upgrades may include special props added to your cake such as fondant sea shells, sugar bows, fondant coverings, etc. All pricing for upgrades is determined on an individual basis depending on the upgrade.

Custom Wedding Cakes and Photographs:  Please feel free to provide photographs of wedding cakes that you are interested in. We ask that you do not email these photos to us. Please be aware that an exact remake or duplicate can never be achieved. We will work as close to the photograph as possible. Custom designs are subject to change based on transportation purposes.

Fresh Flowers: If you would like fresh flowers included in your cake design, please have your florist provide the correct type and number of flowers needed to complete your design. We require that you or your florist deliver your flowers the day before your wedding. Flowers not provided by this deadline will not be on the cake at the time of delivery. Decorating a cake with fresh flowers on site at the wedding venue will result in a $75 non-refundable charge. Pastry Fusions is not responsible for damages that occur if other parties attempt to place flowers onto the cake after delivery.

Wedding Props: Wedding cake tops, ribbons and any props used for decoration must be provided to Pastry Fusions a week before your wedding day. It is the bride or grooms responsibility to provide any props by this deadline.

Color sample: Color swatches must be provided to Pastry Fusions in order to get as close to the color as possible. If a color swatch is not provided, we will make every attempt to match the color you would like. However, without a swatch, we are not responsible if the color does not match exactly what you had envisioned.

Payment: All non-package cakes require a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure the date at the time of booking. Full payment for all custom cakes and upgrades are to be made a week before your wedding day. Cakes will not be released unless full payment has been received.

Pastry Fusions cannot be held responsible for anything that should happen to the cake once delivery is completed. All sales are final.

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